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Shod to barefoot transition

shod to barefoot comparison

Heres some photos of a mare whose shoes were taken off back in Jun.  She’s very nearly through her transition now;  this shows nicely how her hooves have ‘tightened’ up as the structures of the hoof have strengthened. This mare has been in light work and is kept on pasture and stabled.  She has had bouts of […]

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Barefoot hooves – case studies

If you’d like to check out the progress of my case studies; the progress of 8 horses, four straight forward, and four pathological.  The case studies form an essential component of my training with Equine Podiatry Training Ltd. try here  

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Paddock Paradise – 4 month report card


So its now the deepest part of winter, and the old wives tale of “put horses on clay, be up to knee high mud by Christmas” *   has definately come to pass… Just to put this into context (and coz I’m a geek) this autumn the South West has had 13% more rain than […]

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Paddock Paradise – 6 week report card

Well we’ve been on the track for about 6 weeks now….and the report card is a bit inconsistent… A+ the dry bits under the trees and the track all along the top paddock (staying nice and dry). B- the lane way – half of it is sodden and the other half dries pretty quickly… Could […]

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Paddock Paradise – the start

An exciting day week – the track system/paddock paradise is up and running!! And the horses are on it (and currently boast a one to one overnight to break out ratio…) Its taken longer than I’d hoped to get the fence up as we had to figure out a way of getting the electricity to the […]

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Paddock paradise (or paddock rehabilitation?)

Interested in setting up a paddock paradise system for your ponies?  We’re setting one up ready for this winter.  Track systems are great for barefoot horses, because they encourage more movement, and restrict grazing at the same time.  Since the grass in the UK is often too rich for the ferociously efficient horses’ gut, very […]

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Its more than a trim, innit

Equine Podiatry - trimming a little one

There’s been a lot of traffic on facebook amongst trimmers recently due to a bit of a scare about a potential law change (for more information see the ‘Right to trim’ page). It appears that the situation isn’t as dire as first feared but it does seem likely that, at some time in the future […]

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Signs and symptoms – what to watch for

Keeping your horse successfully barefoot often means keeping a close eye on some of the signs and symptoms that your horse’s metabolism is doing well/not coping.  Spring grazing or changes in  diet or environment can often cause issues, so be extra vigilant over these times….  So what should you check for? Hot/warm coronet band & feet.  Just place […]

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Thinking about the diet

Click here for a few notes about getting diet right – a fundamental part of developing healthy hooves  

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Disappearing hoof cracks..

Horse hoof crack

We had the second trim today, for the horse that had bad hoof cracks – pleased to report that they are making good progress 😉 read more here.

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