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Disappearing hoof cracks..

Horse hoof crack

We had the second trim today, for the horse that had bad hoof cracks – pleased to report that they are making good progress 😉 read more here.

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Design features of a horse’s digestive system and hoof….

Equine digestive system

The horse’s digestive system and hoof, in terms of design, horses are way more complex than we are.. and so there are alot of factors that can affect thier hooves that might not be apparent to us. Here’s some that strike me as remarkable.. One of their complex design features is their digestive system.  Unlike […]

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An Equine Podiatrist looks at the whole horse -why??

Impacts on the hoof

As an Equine Podiatrist we look at all the elements of the horses lifestyle that might impact on how healthy their hooves are.  We call this a ‘whole horse’ approach. When you think about it there are a surprising amount of things that can show up in the feet – here’s a few.. Diet.  Is […]

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