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Successful barefooting; thinking about spring (in midwinter)

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking about getting my horse ready for lots of fun next year. But as I was picking our her very muddy and slightly thrushy feet today I got thinking about what I need to do to get her ready for spring. Spring means longer days and more riding. But […]

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Paddock Paradise – 4 month report card


So its now the deepest part of winter, and the old wives tale of “put horses on clay, be up to knee high mud by Christmas” *   has definately come to pass… Just to put this into context (and coz I’m a geek) this autumn the South West has had 13% more rain than […]

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Paddock Paradise – the start

An exciting day week – the track system/paddock paradise is up and running!! And the horses are on it (and currently boast a one to one overnight to break out ratio…) Its taken longer than I’d hoped to get the fence up as we had to figure out a way of getting the electricity to the […]

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Paddock paradise (or paddock rehabilitation?)

Interested in setting up a paddock paradise system for your ponies?  We’re setting one up ready for this winter.  Track systems are great for barefoot horses, because they encourage more movement, and restrict grazing at the same time.  Since the grass in the UK is often too rich for the ferociously efficient horses’ gut, very […]

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