Use of Your Personal Data

Muddyhooves is an Equine Podiatry business which holds personal data about its clients for legitimate businesses purposes necessary to providing Equine Podiatry services.

My promise to you is that I will be clear, honest and open in the way your personal data is used, only use it in ways you should reasonably expect, and will stop using it should you request, or after you cease to be a client for a reasonable length of time. This promise sets out the ways in which your data is used and accountability for that.

Personal data and non-personal data

Personal data includes your name, electronic contact details (email and phone) and address (which may be your home, or your yard address).  This personal data will be held in order to provide you with an equine podiatry service.

Non-personal data about your horse, its hooves and aspects of lifestyle and management pertaining to hoof care will also be held and processed. However this data is not subject to data protection law and therefore is outside the scope of this statement.

Use of personal data

If there are any changes to intended appointment times, or any information pertinent to your horse’s hoof care, I will contact you.  I may also, with your permission, contact other equine professionals about your horse’s hoofcare. Examples might be vets, equine bodyworkers or dieticians.

Contacting you

I may contact you by email, telephone or social media about changes or confirmation of your appointment times. Occasionally I may also contact you about subjects relevant to your horse and its hoofcare, however that will be tailored to you individually and pertinent to you only.

I do not maintain mailing lists.  Any ‘broadcast’ data is published either on this website or my Facebook page.

You may advise me of any communication methods you prefer me to use or not use. Please note that I do not contact clients by post.

Third Parties

The personal information that you have provided to me will never be supplied to third parties other than in the instance where I arrange, with your prior agreement, to have a third party supplier to deliver goods direct to you.

Research and Industry Information

I may provide anonymised NON PERSONAL data available to other agencies such as the Equine Podiatry Association, or academic of veterinary bodies for analysis and research purposes (for instance, comparison of effectiveness of thrush treatment protocols).

To reiterate your personal data will not be used in such instances.

Data Integrity and Security

I’ll do my best to ensure that the personal data I hold about you is accurate, complete and up to date. If you wish to correct any inaccuracies in your data, please contact me.

Your personal data will be secured on electronic media, namely my personal phone and computer.  Those devices are secured by password, pin, physical access and commercial security products.  Your personal data may also be backed up to cloud based services such as ICloud.  I cannot be held responsible for failures of cloud service providers to protect your personal data that they hold on my behalf as long as I have adhered to their security guidance.

Your personal data is only used for the purposes stated above whilst you continue to engage with me.  Should you cease to use my services, your data will be held for the minimum statutory period and then disposed of.

If you provide personal data as as part of an enquiry about using my services, but we do not go ahead with the provision of those services then the data that you have provided to me will be deleted within a reasonable time.

Access to information

You have a right to see what personal data  I hold about you via a Data Subject Access Request. Please contact me and I will provide results of your access request within one calendar month.  Please note this pertains to your personal data only (name, address, email, telephone), and not that that is collected about your horse and its hooves which is not within the scope of data protection legislation and subject access requests.

Who to Contact

Should you wish to contact me about the use of your personal data, or make a complaint please contact me in the first instance, and the Equine Podiatry Association if you are not satisfied.

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