The trim

So what happens in a standard consultation?

An initial visit will take about two hours (subsequent visits won’t be as long).  We’ll need a good firm surface to do a walk & trot up, and I’ll want to work somewhere where the horse is comfortable to stand & that I can get to either side of the horse easily.

An initial visit will take a thorough look at how your horse’s feet and how usable they are.

  • We’ll talk about where you and the horse are at, what issues & concerns you might have and want you want from ‘being barefoot’.
  • I’ll then have an initial look at all four feet & take photos so we have a record of where we started.
  • You’ll walk and trot the horse up a couple of times so I can look at how they are moving
  • I’ll then proceed with the trim, looking at getting the hoof balanced and aligned and I’ll take another set of photos so we can see the difference that the trim is making.
  • Because there are a lot of factors that can affect the health of your horses feet I’ll also want to talk to you about their workload, feed, turnout, footcare history & anything else that you think relevant.
  • We’ll then talk about how comfortable your horse should be for the work you want to do, and if required discuss the use of boots & pads.  If there’s any problems (thrush/seedy toe/large cracks) we’ll also discuss what options there are to improve them.
  • Finally I’ll write it all up in a report for you so you have a really good understanding of what your horses feet are capable of, what we’re seeking to improve, and what level of work they should be doing.  Note that I’ll often make recommendations about management changes that may improve your horses hoof health.

Your horses feet are so fundamental to your horse’s health, wellbeing & ability to enjoy the world  –  they deserve the best care possible…!!   

Please feel free to get in touch via my CLIENT ENQUIRY form. 

The consultation costs £45 and there are no travel charges for clients within 20 miles of postcode SY6. For clients further than that, I charge 0.45p /mile for the milage beyond the 20 miles.

P.S.  Whilst I may advise you about boots or pads & hoof treatments, I do so completely independently – I don’t get any kickbacks or bonuses from any other suppliers.


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