Paddock Paradise – 6 week report card

Well we’ve been on the track for about 6 weeks now….and the report card is a bit inconsistent…

A+ the dry bits under the trees and the track all along the top paddock (staying nice and dry).
B- the lane way – half of it is sodden and the other half dries pretty quickly… Could do better
D- the yard and the middle gateway… both completely bogged & will need sorting out properly next summer!!

Wendy and I are noticing little things, like the horses (three of them) poop in threes… There’s various latrine locations around the track and if you find one poo, its worth looking for the other two…

They’ve made themselves a pseudo stable at the end of the lane way. Theres always a poo or three up here, in this sheltered little natural alcove..



Amount of grass  – theres now no grass left on the track at all so they are completely on hay and hard feed..


Workload – not sure how this compares to stables; we daily poo pick the track and then spread hay in various spots around it.  How long it takes is entirely dependant on how wet and slippy the ground is…. how easy it is to push drag and cajole the wheel barrow around!



Some are better’ spots than others (the hay is always hoovered from those locations)… Others appear to be their ‘only when we’re really hungry’ option.  We’ve been experiment with hay net locations, but mostly just putting the hay out loose in little nooks where it won’t blow away

This bit where the lane way and the terrace allow the horses to feed from both sides is really good.. if my horse Fi (in the dark blue rug on the right) is being bossy then there is safe way for the horses to still eat without getting attacked…


All in all, its been a pretty good start.  The mud is a worry when there are days of rain on end, but three or four dry days really helps the paddock to drain… I’m really hoping we have a dry winter… we’ll see…




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